Revival's Signature Oxygen Hair Spa : A Must for all.

Dandruff / Hair Loss / Chemically Treated / Itchy Scalp?
Factors like Chlorinated water, Poor Circulation of Blood, Sluggish metabolism, Harsh Chemicals, Natural Shedding process, lead to fine build-up on the scalp. Hair follicles cannot ‘breathe' well and cannot absorb nutrients which leads to many scalp/hair problems, especially hair loss.

We invite you to experience Revival's signature hair treatment, the ultimate hair 'facial' for healthy scalp & hair.

Everyone's hair could use a boost so instead of using the same old conditioners, or treatments that simply
coat the hair with a synthetic shine, considering giving your lifeless locks a boost with an Oxygen Hair Spa
Treatment. With an oxygen hair spa treatment, your hair and scalp will feel healthier, more vibrant and have
a lot more body. Here's what you need to know about this amazing treatment.
  • A special facial for problem OR healthy scalp & hair.
  • Botanical mixtures like lavender, Bisabolol, sage, rosemary and DRF purifies, detoxifies, refreshes hydrates the scalp to increase blood circulation.
  • Energizing Capsicum extract with DRF, DNA.
  • Pure Oxygen regenerates & revives weak hair follicles.
  • Ozone to kill bacteria & neutralize chemicals used in highlighting, coloring, discoloring, perming, straightening etc.
  • Prevents dandruff build-up & inhabitation of alopecia, hair loss.
  • Adds silky smoothness & gloss sheer (temporarily) to every hair.
  • 3 micron mist to greatly increase moisture supply to hair.

Healthy Ingredients For Your Tired Hair - The treatment utilizes botanical ingredients like sage, rosemary and lavender.It also uses compounds like Bisabolol and DRF purifiers to give your hair an extra boost. The treatment also uses pure oxygen to truly revitalize your hair and scalp, regenerating and reviving weak hair follicles. Let these natural ingredientsrefresh your scalp, increase blood circulation and hydrate your hair.

Treats Serious Scalp Concerns - Factors like chlorinated water, poor circulation, sluggish metabolism and harsh chemicals affect the hair follicles ability to absorb nutrients. If you're struggling from thinning hair, itchy scalp, dandruff or hair loss, look no further than ourOxygen Hair Spa Treatment to address these serious scalp concerns. This treatment will help improve the thickness of your hair, prevent thinning and help eradicate dandruff.

The Cleanest Hair You've Ever Had - By utilizing pure oxygen, this treatment will leave you with the cleanest hair and scalp that you've ever experienced.The oxygen will eliminate bacteria and help neutralise the build-up of chemicals from colouring, treating or styling your hair.

Undeniably Gorgeous Hair - The answer to restoring your hair and revitalizing your scalp doesn't lie in some chemical treatment or yet another deep conditioner. Instead, it lies in our innovative Oxygen Hair Spa Treatment. After just one treatment, your scalp will be revitalised and your hair will have a glossy shine and be silky smooth, bouncy and vibrant.

Make an appointment today for the soothing and relaxing Oxygen Hair Spa Treatment and get ready for the most beautiful hair of your life.

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